Software Consulting Services

Providing A Complete Software Lifecycle Experience

PHT has design experience in development of several software solutions. Our team has provided software design and oversight for a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, telehealth, telecommunications, and education. Our team will design and develop a custom solution that is right for you and your company. Additionally, we can provide ongoing software support for your new or existing applications. 

Architecture Development

Our engineers have decades of experience in creating robust, secure technologies using modern architecture design patterns and frameworks. Our team specializes in responsive web application development so you can be sure your application will be accessible no matter what device you are using.

Consulting & Software Services

PHT can provide service-level consulting for both software design, audit, and compliance fullfilment. With custom consulting services, PHT can help you reduce cost and improve your revenue.

Support & Maintainance

With evolving security standards and recent breaches, it is imperative to ensure your applications are maintained for security and compliance. PHT can help with both! We also provide all tiers of customer support and IT operations to enhance the software experience of your customers or employees.

Project Management

PHT has experienced team members to help your team succeed with Project and Product Management. Our team has decades of experience in managing and directing agile teams to ensure on-time and under budget projects.